04 December 2011

I am 5 today

I am 5 today! :)

Resident since 12/04/2006 (5 years old; 1826 days)!! I never thought I would still be around when I 1st rezzed 5 years ago. It has been a crazy journey when I look back at it. Here is a sum up of some of my favorite moments:
- the parties I organized with my real life record label Mote Evolver with my partner Luke Slater. Video here
- Running underground techno club Trash Palace with Artoo Magneto and Dave Attenborough
- The SL photo contest I won for RL Princeton University, that made me earn my 1st lindens to buy my 1st land.
- my gallery: Digital Eyes Gallery exhibitions where I presented the work of RL artists only.
- with Digital Eyes Gallery arrived in the 40 finalists of the 1st Sl architecture contest for a RL architecture book "Space Between People: How the Virtual Changes Physical Architecture"
- my shop: Digital Eyes where I sell animated fans and hair
- 4 years working for Relay forLife of SL for cancer research as team captain, mentor and International Chair
- working as PR for RL Swedish record label Hybrid Productions. Video here of a party with Cari Lekebusch, Kimono and Jesper Dahlback.
- partnered 8 times, mostly for marketing reasons, but 3 times with the same one :)
- all the SL friends I met IRL (we all very much look like our avatars in fact)
- my 3rd rezday party with RL band Monosurround. Video here
- when I met IRL the girl who later became my store partner
- my alt Miyoko Magic and her shop HelaMiyo (this is a coming out for those who didn't know)
- the RL wedding of friends who met in SL
- 2.546.827 crashes and 2.546.828 relogs
- made an alt each time I was fed up of SL and LL, I stopped counting them after 20
- 3 computers and various graphic cards killed
- I now tend to dance IRL clubs like my avatar, that includes the chicken dance...
- tons of friends made, a few tears, hours of laughs, many stories shared

For all that, I just wanted to say: THANK YOU! <3
Morgan Kincess

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