01 February 2010

3rd rezday party - video and free mix

This saturday 30.01.2010, 4 club owners/party promoters of SL got united to celebrate their 3rd rezday. Akira Seymour, Eliza Moody, Lanne Wise and myself Morgan Kincess presented a party with dresscode "trannies from space".

We had the exceptionnal luck to have DJs from real life to play for us: Monosurround, Bridgitte Boucher, Ionic Benton, 2ndthoughts Brando aka Noraj Cue, Robot Recreant aka Coefficient

Pictures are online on the facebook event page: here

And Monosurround made us the gift of the DJ set recorded at the party, it's free to download (no need to register):

Enjoy the video and music and thank you for those 3 years together in SL. We have decided to stay 3 more years :)
Be good

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