01 October 2009

Hair today gone tomorrow hunt at Digital Eyes

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow is a hunt for... hair! Starting today the 1st October and ending the 31st October. It's gride wide but only 20 selected stores and Digital Eyes is part of it.

I was myself a bit fed up of those giant grid wide hunts that grow like mushrooms everywhere (do you have that expression in English too?). So as you'll land at Digital Eyes, you'll have a blue pop greeter who tells you exactly where the hair brush you are looking for is.

Also the hunt prize is visible at landing AND the gift is unboxed, ready to use. How easy is that?

( /me winks at the big stores with hunts who tend to hide their prize outside their store under a rock in the sea or in a random tree ;) )

So, easy, small hunt for free hair, what are you waiting for? Fly to Digital Eyes by clicking here:

Live update and gifts shown on the blog: http://htgtgwh.blogspot.com/

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