23 May 2009

RFL United Forces & swim - Saturday 23rd May 2009 3pm SLT 12am CET at the Basement

We can count on 2 hands events in SL that happened with RL international DJs. Well tonight is one of those nights. The Relay for Life team United Forces Against Cancer organise a rave party with:

2ndthoughts Brando aka Noraj Cue from Amsterdam (you won't miss him in this summer RL festivals)
Bridgitte Boucher our delicious talented DJette from North Carolina and...
Monosurround !! (Citizen records- yes yes Vitalic's label! MS recordings Berlin. If you drink a sparkly water I won't give the name here, they made the music of this advert on TV)

Because we don't like laggy parties, the dresscode is... swimwear. No need for shoes *winks*

We are united to fight cancer with techno beats!!
Saturday 23rd May at 3pm SLT or 12am CET at The Basement Tekkon

Click on the flyer for a big version. Be there and GO RELAY!!!
Morgan Kincess
United Forces team captain

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