11 August 2008

Shiki Sim Opening

This saturday Shiki sim has opened with live events and the Shiki hunt and tons of goodies from the designers. And a lovely Digital Eyes store has opened there so it's naturally in my ballerina outfit found at Baiastice Shiki freebies that I was jumping in the streets of Shiki, happy shopping and hunting.

Hair and dance fans : Digital Eyes @Shiki
Ballerina outfit : Baiastice @Shiki
Skin : Millage Valenti

After my shopping, I went to Shiki beach with my robot and my panda to join Shiki owner Jeckie Hax. My book was "Truth about strippers in SL" and she was reading "How to deal with horny bears". Educational books.
Panda & robot : AvaUru bakeries Shiki hunt gifts
Pillow and books : Sway's creations Shiki hunt gift
Shapes : Shiki Shapes
Morgan (left) wears : Digital Eyes hair, Millage Valenti skin, Role Optic sunglasses (free), Baiastice dress and leggins (hunt gift), Zhao shoes (hunt gift)
Jeckie (right) wears : Find Ash hair (free), J&J skin for Baiastice (hunt gift), Fashion fruit dress, Millage Valenti shoes (hunt gift), bracelets Spica (hunt gift)

Shiki is the new fashion place to be, so what are you waiting for? Get Shikified!

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