26 June 2008

Digital Eyes - Animated Fan Color change &Pearl necklace

Summer is here, too hot outside, let's stay inside and play SL... But wait your avatar is too hot also!

Digital Eyes has a fashionable solution for you: a new animated fan, color change controlled menu and a very subtile diamond effect that you can switch on or off.

And to complete it, an adorable real pixel pearls necklace that reminds the pearls on the fan.

So just TP to Digital Eyes to be a fresh and happy avatar!

My group members can get it for free if they want :) All the infos in " Digital Eyes Update Group "


  1. Hey Miss Morgan,

    just added your blog to ours as a designer Blog. Hope u don´t mind



  2. Hello Betty,
    Thank you very much, i'm flattered as your blog is one I follow.
    I linked you in "excellent sites" ;)